The Potlatch Story

The Potlatch Story

We are Suzanne and Ben, the family behind Potlatch. We are passionate about food, produce, traditional values and life. Born from an overwhelming passion for food and a desire to work creatively, our philosophy is simple...

"Life is much better when it involves delicious food"

Traditionally Potlatch gatherings were an opportunity for Native Americans to demonstrate and distribute wealth through the gift-giving of food and other material objects. They marked milestone occasions such as weddings, births and other major life events and were celebrated through song and dance.

Here at Potlatch, in the spirit of those ceremonies, we hope to create culinary gatherings that inspire fond memories of times shared, stories told, glasses raised and moments savoured. Whether you're having a picnic with loved ones, a gathering with friends or a celebration to remember, we will help you to create that traditional potlatch sentiment of providing food as a gift to others.


A wedding is the perfect opportunity to embrace the Potlatch sentiment and indulge your guests with fine foods and tempting treats. Your day is precious, and here at Potlatch we wish to be part of your memories. We can cater for intimate wedding receptions, provide you with items for celebrations on the eve of your wedding and create tailored breakfast hampers for the morning of your big day.

Included in our service is free delivery, free crockery and cutlery hire and a personal service throughout. Our aim is to make your experience as relaxed as possible and we will work with you in creating your perfect culinary offering.

As a gift for the Bride and Groom you will receive a complimentary hamper brimming with Potlatch treats to enjoy and savour as you reflect on your day.

We are also paired with campervan weddings and can discuss options of dual bookings and wedding packages.

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Our fresh fruits and vegetables are from local suppliers and whenever possible are British grown or organic. Our fresh and cured meats are all from British farms. Our eggs are free range and our fish is sustainably sourced. We use organic flour and our chocolate is carefully sourced from fairtrade farms from around the world and then produced to the highest quality here in Britain.

We have incredible suppliers and keep in regular contact with them. This allows us to remain up to date with all aspects of production and gain fresh knowledge and experience of any items that we source. In turn, this enables us to impart knowledge to our customers and provide the best possible service.

We believe these things matter. No compromises.


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Please fill in your details below and send your enquiry to Potlatch. We look forward to hearing your queries and questions and we aim to reply as swiftly as possible. (Within 48 hours)

We aim to provide the best possible service to each individual customer. If you have a special request or wish to ask any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us. We will try our utmost to accommodate your needs.

Please note: there are exceptions to this rule! We do not hand out canap├ęs on unicycles, burst out of giant wedding cakes or perform knife throwing acts.

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